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So I'm new to this blogging stuff (Im might be showing my age a bit here). Im going to post my stories from back to front. Let's call it, working back through my phone.

So I know this bride and groom personally and I couldn't be happier for the two of them. Even though Sarah was one VERY ORGANISED bride, she was very relaxed through out the entire process. Her words were "I totally trust you, you know what your doing. So go for it."

The original plan was a large floral roof installation, at the wedding venue (The Pavilion Kiama).

Two and a half weeks out, changes were made. Spoke to Sarah, very relaxed and trusted all my ideas. So then a 7 meter length beam was handmade, tied onto the roof racks of the van and off we went.

We arrived in Kiama and there was one excited bride in the room. When Sarah saw her bouquets, she jumped up and down just like a little kid - (as you can see from the photo).
Sarah's bouquet was so fragrant, I didn't want to give it to her. It smelt so delicious. I then showed her Kieran's buttonhole.
His favourite flower is gardenia, one of Sarah's favourite is Jasmine. So what did I do? I designed both flowers into the buttonhole. BOOM!

So off we went to set up the wedding venue. The guests tables were created the day before, final touches done to them on the day. We got onto creating this HUGE beam. So many different beautiful flowers were used.

Then came the surprise for Sarah. She had no idea what we were actually creating, her sister came to drop off her speech. I then asked if she could bring Sarah over with her eyes closed, to see what we had done. I love seeing the brides reaction. As she opened her eyes, she gasped, nervously laughs, then starts to cry and says "oooooohhhh its perfect."

If your following me on instagram you might have seen it on my story that afternoon.

It was a lot of fun creating a new structure, also making another brides dream a reality. Check out Sarah's Testimonial to see what her words were. Check out how gorgeous the girls looked, I grabbed a quick pick just as they were walking out to the ceremony. Looking gorgeous ladies.