The Secret! Tricks To Keeping Flowers Alive Longer.

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People always ask me, "How do you keep flowers alive longer? What do you put in the water".

So I'm going to let you in, on the knowledge I have gained over the last 13 years. When you buy flowers from either a market, or your local florist. When you get them home, make sure all the stems in the water are clean  - no leaves on them. Having leaves on the stems, the bacteria on the leaves is not a good mix. Putting stems into the water with the leaves, can shorten the life of the flowers.

After you have cleaned them. Cut each stem on a 45 degree angle, as this helps them drink easier and increasing the water uptake. Placing them in clean water in your vase - then love, hope, flowers, event, corporate, function, clean, longevity, foliage, sydney, florist, coogee, eastern, suburbslove, hope, flowers, cut, flower, stems, longevity, function, private, event, florist, sydney, florist, cocktail, table, table, centrepiecesadding a couple sprays of "Chrystal" this helps with the flowers longevity. Then enjoy your purchase.

The real trick to keeping your flowers alive longer. Is clean water EVERYDAY! My question to you is? Would you drink old, discoloured water to keep you hydrated? My guess, your answer is no. Giving them fresh water every day and trimming the stems every second day is going to help greatly. Try it and see for yourself.

Last week, my husband bought the below pictured white dahlias for our daughter. Dahlias generally last 5 -6 days max (from the day they are cut). Following all of the above steps, they are still alive today. They would have been cut last Thursday, purchased on the Saturday morning and then in our house for the past 6 days.

This picture I took this morning. After plucking a couple of brown petals off the back of the heads. Otherwise they are looking pretty good to me. So you make the call, if you would like longer lasting flowers.

Another BIG trick is. Keep them in a cool room in the house. Treat flowers how you would want to be treated. Certainly not on top of a fire place, in a hot sun room or on a coffee table in front of a fire or heater. Don't ask! When I had my flower shop, I seriously had a customer bring a bouquet of flowers back to me after 2 days and when I asked where he had kept them. On a coffee table in front of the fire place was the answer, I kid you not!

I hope these little tips have helped. Try the above and let me know how you get on.

ONE LAST TRICK: When the flowers have come to an end. Pour some house hold bleach into the vase with hot water, then let it sit for a little while in the sink. This will get rid of any bacteria that might be in the vase. Then next time you get flowers, you know they are going to be going into a beautiful clean vase.